Piacenza: Italiaanse stoffen voor het laten maken van een pak, colbert en broek.

Piacenza Cashmere

The right balance between innovation and tradition, harmony with the environment and recognition of the value of human beings has made the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills an example of excellence of Made in Italy at international level.
From top-quality fleeces to fabrics destined to be applied in haute couture or transformed into an article of clothing to wear, every single phase of the transformation is carried out with the greatest sensitivity.

Today the firm is in the capable hands of Carlo, CEO and a member of the Piacenza family’s thirteenth generation. Since 4 July 2016, he has been the new President-designate of the Biella Industrialists’ Union, a position once held by Giovanni and by Felice, its founder.
The fourteenth generation already joined the firm some time ago and assists him at the wheel on various fronts. The wool mills’ management is entrusted to Ettore, who deals with sourcing raw materials and the production phase, while his brother Vasiliy holds the office of brand manager. Following his time in the family firm, Guido has dedicated his entire life to safeguarding the “Felice Piacenza” Burcina Park Special Natural Reserve. His son Felice works in the firm’s design team.

The road to the finest cash- mere takes us to Alashan. The Fratelli Piacenza wool mills select the noble raw material directly in China, in the region of Inner Mongolia, in this way once again making a mark for its excellence. Destined by this excellence to be the preserve of luxury, the “divine” yarn stimulated the Fratelli Piacenza mills to blaze a trail that goes in only direction: that of growth. It was vitally important for the firm to gain the capacity to start at the origins, so as to take to the wing and fly towards new horizons, experiencing tradition as know-how for development and not as a cage that blocks the creative process towards re- searching new interpretations of luxury. It is this philosophy that led to the development of our technical cashmeres and worn cashmeres, testimonials of a contemporary collection. Breath is an almost weight- less fabric made using this exceptional yarn. The research team has made the most of the thread’s extreme fineness, managing to create a fabric that weighs only 160 grammes. The result is a cashmere with a denier of 160,000, which means that one Kilo of fabric contains 160 km of yarn. This makes Breath an icon on the fabrics scene, an unquestioned benchmark for creating clothing with a unique feel, gentle to touch and ultralight in weight.

The pleasure we experience from savouring a good coffee is reflected we dress every day in a cloth of unique quality. An everday ritual, dressing with style to achieve excellence and perfection, living every moment of the day with elegance. Sublime is the dream of ordinary elegance.

Mouliné explores new terrain for Piacenza 1733’s bunch collection, with a cloth produced using double twisted yarns overlocked with the finest Australian wools, giving the completed clothing a finish that is both freshly cool and at the same time fluid and agile.

In addition to its vintage look, inspired by the grand old English tradition, this fabric offers the performance of a natural stretch that makes it ideal for the businessman in search of an elegant cloth that is also comfortable and versatile.

A Fabrics of exceptional finess of fiber, made of lovers of true elegance, Arcadia. Fabricsfor timeless suits, born from a careful selection of the best superfine Australian wools combined with the most advanced production technology. To complete this series of exclusive fabrics, the Ecstasy collection. Fabrics of rare beauty and the sublime softness, born from the superfine Merino wool with a micron count 148, selected, treated and processed with the age-old manufacturing wisdom of Piacenza. The weight of 230 grams in twill construction makes this perfect for any season.

Known as the “Yarn of the Gods”, Vicuña earned this reputation for its divine properties: it is one of the world’s finest fibres. Its sheer scarcity, which also means that it is extremely hard to come by, contributes to increasing its value, making it all but priceless. These camelids’ fleeces are shorn by hand or collected along the paths of the high Andean mountain plateaux, where the animals live in the wild. As a result of special agreements with Peruvian communities, the Fratelli Piacenza wool mills have succeeded in securing a reliable source for the “Fleece of the Gods” and trans- form the fibres to create fabrics in high demand in the luxury sector and the world’s finest tailoring establishments.

Emotion is a collection of unrivaled Super 150’S cloths, with the weight of 230 grams in twill construction, it is perfect for the four seasons. A fine silk 700 combined with a superfine wool yarn gives birth to Emotion & Silk 700, a cloth with a fascinating shine and a delicious sense of touch.

Summer plus for suits made of the following fabrics: Emotion, Emotion & Silk, Pure Cashmere, Alashan Breath, Alashan Fantasy. New Cartagena fabric versions.


Cloths for timeless suits, born from a careful selection of the best superfine Australian Merino wools

arcadia super 210s.jpg
arcadia super 210s.png

A fabric of exceptional finess, made for lovers of true elegance, Arcadia. Cloths for timeless suits, born from a careful selection of the best superfine Australian Merino wools combined with the most advanced production technologies that enhances the nobility of this precious fiber.

As soft as cashmere and as lustrous as angora: Cashgorissimo is one of Piacenza’s oldest blends, the result of combining noble fires of cashmere, angora and cashgora. Jackets made with this fabrics are guaranteed to have a soft, warm, embracing feel. The latest series is a blend of cashmere, silk and cotton that achieves a look reminiscent of the finest stone-washed denim, which is then re-interpreted to mimic the traditional appeal of tweed, for an elegance that is never taken for granted, but suggests that special quirk of originality that denotes the dandy.

This collection is dedicated to the summer tailored-jacket lovers. Loads of summer colours and different high quality fabrics: wool, silk, linen and silk, linen.

The enormous variety of fabrics it markets for overcoats makes Piacenza a market leader in the use of baby llama. Brilliant, long, light and silky, the fibre produced by the little llama, South America’s best-known member of the camel family, comes in 14 different nuances of colour that range from white to brown, to grey and to black. The outstanding property of an overcoat made in baby llama is its glossy look, a statement of its wearer’s elegance.

This collection encompasses the Piacenza evergreens, a rich selection of solid color and melange fabrics for timeless jackets and overcoats. A series of classical articles that have written the history of manly elegance are expressed in unique, inimitable fabrics, the result of selecting only the very finest raw materials available on the market and subjecting them to the profound experience in manufacturing accumulated by the Fratelli Piacenza mills. Baby Camelhair is worth singling out for special attention: its softness combines with its excellent thermal qualities to make it the perfect fabric for making warm winter overcoats whose elegance never goes out of style.

This collection was conceived with the contemporary man in mind, a cosmopolitan traveller who doesn’t want to forget his usual elegance. Without loosing their characteristic feel, the Piacenza fabrics gain a new fitting thanks to the natural polymers’ dynamic while blending the tailoring taste and high-performance wearability and comfort.