Söktas: stoffen voor het laten maken van een overhemd.


SÖKTAŞ is a specialist maker and supplier of cotton and cotton blended shirtings and more recently jacket & trouser fabrics that offers luxury at every level. Our customer focused set up allows us to meet your every need from design, quality, finish, exclusivity, usability, delivery deadlines and orders that range from minuscule to major. Our innovative research, development, design, presentation and archiving capabilities, with over 300,000 fabrics at our fingertips, keep our customers ahead of the industry and abreast of trends.

Founded in 1971 and listed on the Turkish Stock Exchange in 1995, SÖKTAŞ is a specialist designer and producer of cotton and cotton blended fabrics. Our reputation was built on shirting fabrics which we export around the world and we have broadened that expertise into fabrics for contemporary jackets, trousers.


Cotton and cotton blended shirtings that are in tune with current trends and ahead of upcoming ones.
These premium to super-premium fabrics are in styles that range from silky and sophisticated to classics with a twist; from casual, sporty chic to ingenious, environmental chic. Colours and textures are ‘right now’ and answer the question for today’s every look, story, feel and finish.

A collection made from fine Egyptian cotton using a double twist, compact yarn and blends with linen, cashmere and silk that’s delightfully comfortable to wear. Designs offer options for formal, informal, urban and casual business wear. Available in a wide range of patterns, a variety of finishes and always in this season’s colours.


A unique collection of exceptional shirtings with the softest and silkiest
of handles for the most discerning of customers. Made entirely from Turkey’s first long staple cotton developed by Söktaş, a strong, fine and silky fibre that rivals most of the finest Egyptian Giza varieties. Available in seasonal colour stories and patterns in addition to the classic styles that are always in stock.

Black and White shirtings for special occasions offering the ultimate
in sophisticated simplicity with subtle differences in weave and finish.
A collection of premium cotton and cotton blends in timeless black and white, expressed in the most popular weaves of the season.

Black and White.jpg

A collection for young-at-heart customers looking for a relaxed and stylish casual look and feel. This range offers a variety of premium cotton, cotton blends and sophisticated yarns in current season bright colours, stripes and checks. On offer are comfortable, sporty fabrics that range from clean wash to denim in a variety of great feeling weaves and finishes.


Eco Logic
A brilliantly conceived premium collection that combines eco credentials and enduring quality of SÖKTAŞ through use of certified organic cotton blends and recycled cotton. Stripes and checks are in muted colours that create a soft, natural transition of tone and pattern. A collection that translates the vision of environmental responsibility into the artistic realisation of desirable fabric.



A breathtaking diversity of cotton and cotton blended shirtings that are in stock and ready for
orders that come in at any time. Our in-stock selection of shirtings is upwards of 2500 varieties,
made possible through constant re-interpretation of classic designs and constant anticipation
of trends. Perennially on offer collections are filled with timeless and updated fabrics that are
always right for now.

The Noblesse catalogue is a showcase of our super-premium collections of exclusive classic designs in the finest Egyptian Giza cottons in yarn counts of Ne 300/2, 240/2, 200/2, 170/2 and 140/2.
These are the finest shirtings in the world, woven from the finest
yarns in the world.

Noble Harmony
A blissful blend of super-fine Egyptian cotton and luminous silk that gives this collection a subtle, natural shine and luxurious fluidity.
For the discerning customer who is looking for both the look and
feel of understated luxury.

Noble Harmony.jpg

A strong, fine and silky cotton shirting collection, made entirely from Turkey’s first long staple cotton that rivals most of the finest Egyptian Giza varieties. Exceptional shirtings with the softest and silkiest of handles for the most discerning of customers. In classic designs
and colours that are always available in addition to a collection of seasonal variations.

Three books of classic shirtings, from 100% Egyptian cotton, organic cotton and various cotton blends including with silk, linen and elastane for comfortable stretch fabrics in men’s and women’s styles.
All available in an abundance of designs and rich colours.

The new books also offer our new “Traveller” range, which is designed with 'travel 'in mind. Under the “Traveller” range we want to make life easier for you by keeping your shirt clean and crisp all day long through your hectic schedules with 'Non Iron' , 'Easy Care' and 'Flat Finishes' which offer wrinkle-free and stay-fresh alternatives without ammonia.

Essentials, luxury fabrics with timeless and elegant designs.

Modern Classic, timeless classics with exquisite designs.

Showcase, sensational blends in a range of delicate, beautifully
executed fabrics in line with current trends.


A special collection of exclusive designs in classic colours and textures created for customers offering made-to-measure shirts. These are high-end fabrics made from the finest Egyptian Giza cotton, with only the purest and longest fibres selected to be spun into extra-fine yarns.



The emphasis in this collection is on yarn, weave and craftsmanship in classic styles and colours. These are premium and super-premium cotton and cotton blended shirtings that are designed for the spectrum of formal and informal occasions.

Designed for that impeccable evening (or morning) shirt, weaves in this range are a perfect combination of classic style and modern designs. Two fold 100% super-fine cotton yarns ensure these fabrics retain their brightness and softness, even after washing. The colour stories here are traditional for important events across the globe - from white, cream and black through to grey and silk.